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I help coaches deepen their skills through mentoring and supervision. I use coaching to develop leadership skills and run special programmes for communications managers. I also host retreats for people wanting to carve a more fulfilling career that fosters well-being.

Support for coaches

You may be a fully trained coach, but it takes...

Leadership development

Developing leaders able to thrive in our volatile...

Personal coaching

Coaching gives people time to think through...

More about Mary Anna Wright

imageI am an experienced leadership coach and communications specialist. My main focus is on helping managers become inspirational leaders. Briefly, my career has taken me from ecology, to a PhD on cultural change, to journalism at The Independent and then into PR with an emphasis on using communications to promote behaviour change. This behaviour change work got me interested in the power of coaching. I have been coaching for over ten years, have international accreditation and am a qualified, award winning, coach supervisor.

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News and writing

February 9, 2018 |

3 simple steps to creating a mindfulness practice

I’ve been talking to a number of clients recently about mindfulness. Mindfulness has become a new trend in...

September 28, 2017 |

The 3 keys to productive procrastination

I got going on a new auto-responder series today. And do you know why? Yes that’s right, I was avoiding doing...

December 7, 2016 |

Get a credential to thrive

You are a great coach. You loved the training and learning new skills, you probably wished you knew all about...

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