Career Coaching

As well as helping you develop competencies, coaching can help if you feel dissatisfied in your career and unsure of your next steps.

Mary Anna is a licensee of Firework, a career coaching programme that helps people design a career path that aligns with the core values as well as their practical considerations.

While designing the programme to suit your specific needs, Mary Anna often coaches with a three stage process – explore, dream, discover.


During the explore stage we do work to help raise your self-awareness. Your underlying values and beliefs, motivators, strengths and achievements.

We then broaden out possibilities – this is the dream stage. The ‘what if I could live anywhere in the world, had no mortgage, lived without people depending on me’ blue sky thinking that allows you to tap into your imagination that can otherwise be restricted by convention.

Finally we creates plans and goals, we work out what is inspiring and realistic and create the paths to get there.

Career Coaching