Coaching Presence Podcast

Based on live conversations in the Coaching Presence facebook group, this podcast welcomes guests to share their coaching journeys with you. In each episode inspirational coaches from around the world share their experience and tools to help you deepen your work. Please join the Coaching Presence community to continue discussions. You can listen to the podcast on all main platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts and Breaker, or subsribe here.

Trailer: Mary Anna Wright Introduces Coaching Presence

Episode 28: Tünde Erdös discusses coaching presence
Tünde discusses her research into coaching presence and shares some fasinating insights into the essence of our work as coaches as well as some ideas about how we might deepen competency


Episode 27: ICF Team coaching competencies
Katerina Kanelidou shares insights into the new ICF Team Coaching Competency framework. The key considerations and complexities when working with teams, and the importance of supervision.


Episode 26: Coaching with cards
Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy shares some ways we might use cards in our coaching. She discusses best practice, ethical considerations and illustrates her approach in a brief, yet powerful, demonstration.


Episode 25: Reflect to create with Elaine Patterson
Elaine discusses the importance of reflection and shares techniques from her book Reflect to Create. She considers ways to develop reflective practices that support our life and work as coaches.


 Episode 24: Max your supervision experience
Lily Seto describes what supervision is, and the benefits coaches experience. She then goes on to discuss how best to prepare for supervision and how to select a supervisor to work with.


 Episode 23: Presence: From person to planet
Dr Samantha Graham shares some of her tools from working with leadership and sports teams to help foster performance and wellbeing. We discuss how presence can protect us from overwhelm.


Episode 22: Courageous Coaching
Karen White and Sharon Jansen join me to consider ways we might know we are coaching courageously and the practices that might engender courage in our work.


Episode 21: Cross-cultural Coaching with Linda McLoughlin MCC
Linda shares some considerations for this work, discusses the new ICF Competency and why it is important to consider our client’s context and culture.


Episode 20: Transactional Analysis Coaching with Karen Pratt
Karen discusses why this psychological model is so useful in our work as coaches. She gives an overview of key themes and how they have evolved as well as some practical ideas for use in coaching.


Episode 19: Thriving as a professional coach with Vanessa Talbot

Mary Anna Wright in an interview with Vanessa Talbot, discussing what coaches need to do to thrive. Originally aired in Vanessa’s Coaches, Change Makers: Step into the Spotlight!


Episode 18: An holistic approach to coaching with Vanessa Talbot

In this longer episode Mary Anna Wright is interviewed by Vanessa Talbot discussing how coaches need an holistic approach. Originally aired in Vanessa’s Coaches, Change Makers: Step into the Spotlight!


Episode 17: How to become a better coach with Vanessa Talbot

In this longer episode Mary Anna Wright is interviewed by Vanessa Talbot with ideas and exercises to become a better coach. Originally aired in Vanessa’s Coaches, Change Makers: Step into the Spotlight!


Episode 16: 2020 tears and triumphs with Karen White

Karen and Mary Anna share a conversation looking back over 2020. The impact of the pandemic, our hopes for 2021 and what lessons we have learned about ourselves and our world.


Episode 15: Coaching supervision philosophy and practice with Alex van Oostveen and Andrew Matthews

Alex van Oostveen and Andrew Matthews share some theory, and talk through the practical implications – what actually happens in a coach supervision session and what being in supervision feels like.


Episode 14: Learning from The Game of Teams with Tara Nolan

Tara Nolan discusses Team Coaching, the key skills we need as coaches to work in this area. She talks about the challenges faced by leaders as many teams are housed virtually. Finally she gives us an overview of some of the key lessons from Game of Teams.


Episode 13: Stillness beads and creative problem solving with Penny Gundry

Penny discusses whether we are too reliant on words in coaching. She introduces techniques for work with objects and the foundations of her work with the Bead Trail. She closes with a visualisation exercise. 


Episode 12: Walking into awareness with Sharon Wakeford

Walking the Way – In Wonder and Words is series of letters written to people Sharon met on the Camino de Santiago. She shares some lessons from the pilgrimage and an unpacking of awareness.


Episode 11: The role of mindfulness in coaching with Niamh Hannan

Niamh Hannan discusses the uses of mindfulness in coaching and shares a mindfulness exercise that helps balance our emotions when considering our clients.


Episode 10: Is ‘always on’ sustainable? with Karen White and Sharon Janson

The impact of not switching off from work pressure and the online world. Karen discusses the role of language in our ability to respond to requests, Sharon talks about the importance of boundaries.


Episode 9: From intimacy to safety: Gender in the coaching relationship with Mark Smith

Mark offers a clearing conversation to help create the psychological safety needed in order to allow us to fully explore our biases and assumptions.


Episode 8: Networking and the new normal with Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott shares her research into networks. She provides a framework ‘personal boardroom’ to help coaches and their clients build sustainable networks that serve a variety of functions. 


Episode 7: A heart-centred path with Sally Bendersky

A genuinely transformational presence, Sally joins the conversation from Santiago in Chile, sharing some of the techniques learned in her coaching practice and through her experience as a diplomat. 

Episode 6: Walking the Grace Trail with Anne Barry Jolles

Discover the five questions that can help you navigate a path to a more meaningful life.

Episode 5: Values and motivation with Jacob Morris

Jacob Morris shares the science behind an understanding of values and how this can supports our clients in uncovering their true motivations.

Episode 4: Wassili Zafiris – Happiness is Depressing

Wassili describes how the pursuit of happiness can create an unattainable goal. He uses an inventory of luck to help create a more meaningful and sustainable approach of fulfilment and gratitude.

Episode 3: Navigating White Water

Sharon Jansen and Karen White join Mary Anna to discuss ways we can stay resilient and assured amid the Covid 19 pandemic

Episode 2: Lessons from loss

Grief expert Mary Anne Trotman shares some lessons from her work on loss to help coaches and their clients rationalise the feelings prompted by the pandemic.

Episode 1: Transformational coach and author

Coach and Author Leon VanDer Pol talks about transformational coaching and shares some exercises to help coaches deepen their presence

Mary Anna Wright introduces the Coaching Presence podcast, created to help coaches become explore and improve their work.
Coaching Presence Podcast