Coaching Presence Podcast

Based on live conversations in the Coaching Presence facebook group, this podcast welcomes guests to share their coaching journeys with you. In each episode inspirational coaches from around the world share their experience and tools to help you deepen your work. Please join the Coaching Presence community to continue discussions.

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Trailer: Mary Anna Wright Introduces Coaching Presence


Episode 9: Gender in the coaching relationship

Mark Smith discusses ways to uncover our intrinsic biases and explore them in a way that promotes psychological safety. The episode ends with Mark sharing a clearing conversation, useful for coaches to use with clients or in other areas of life needing a respectful opportunity for open thought.


Episode 7: Sally Bendersky talks language, emotion and presence

Sally Bendersky talks language, emotion and presence

Learn about a heart-centred path to fulfilment with author and coach Sally Bendersky who helps unpack the nuance of the language we use.


Episode 6: Walking the Grace Trail with Anne Barry Jolles

Discover the five questions that can help you navigate a path to a more meaningful life.


Episode 5: Values and motivation with Jacob Morris

Jacob Morris shares the science behind an understanding of values and how this can supports our clients in uncovering their true motivations.

Episode 4: Wassili Zafiris – Happiness is Depressing

Wassili describes how the pursuit of happiness can create an unattainable goal. He uses an inventory of luck to help create a more meaningful and sustainable approach of fulfilment and gratitude.

Episode 3: Navigating White Water

Sharon Jansen and Karen White join Mary Anna to discuss ways we can stay resilient and assured amid the Covid 19 pandemic

Episode 2: Lessons from loss

Grief expert Mary Anne Trotman shares some lessons from her work on loss to help coaches and their clients rationalise the feelings prompted by the pandemic.

Episode 1: Transformational coach and author

Coach and Author Leon VanDer Pol talks about transformational coaching and shares some exercises to help coaches deepen their presence


Mary Anna Wright introduces the Coaching Presence podcast, created to help coaches become explore and improve their work.

Coaching Presence Podcast