Coaching with Horses

As prey animals, horses rely on their herd to keep alert to danger. Horses are highly sensitive beings, one of the ways they keep out of danger in the wild is through keen observation that picks up on tiny movements indicating subtle shifts in energy.

Horses can help us notice ourselves. Our behaviours and emotions, our body language and energy. They can magnify areas where we feel incongruent and help us develop ways to be more authentic in our approach to our personal and professional lives.

If you want to work with my horses, we can  design a bespoke retreat to suit the time you have available and your budget. You can choose glamping options, self-catering or five star luxury. A stripped back minimal schedule or loads of development add-ons. For more information, visit Wild Atlantic Awakening

Retreats for coaches – come for a mentoring programme or to learn how to work with horses to facilitate your own coaching practice.

Personal development intensives – pick a range of options to help you address career issues or improve your personal resilience.

About the area:

Donegal is a stunning county in north west Ireland. The village I live in is on the coast with spectacular sea cliffs, gorse covered hills and lots of charm.

Meet the herd:


Blossom is a Welsh Mountain Pony who is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. And she knows it. She enjoys adoration, but tires of it quickly. She is a prolific trophy winner when she can be bothered. Despite looking like an archetypal child’s pony, she’s not that keen on children and pulls terrible faces to let them know. 


Blossom’s foal RayRay is a pure bred Welsh Mountain Pony. Although very well planned (his father is an exceptional stallion), he arrived in a wonderful surprise on a summer morning. Blossom had been scanned three times as ’empty’ (not pregnant) by the vet, when eventually she did scan in-foal the vet predicted the foal would be born very late – in October.


A miniature Shetland who was rescued as a yearling from a tiny garden on a housing estate. It took five months after he arrived to hear Zac neigh, he’d really forgotten how to be a pony and had some health issues. Now fully grown and properly rehabilitated, Zac is boisterous and a constant mischief maker. He is learning to pull a teeny cart as a way of keeping him out of trouble.


Our older gentleman, Ryan retired to us for a quieter life at the seaside. He is still fit and a true workman at heart. Ryan doesn’t really enjoy pampering or fuss – he’d rather just get on with his job. Ever sensible but never boring, he was a super fast horse in his day and still enjoys a good gallop on the beach. He has a commanding presence in the herd, his role veering from protection to disciplinarian depending on need.

Coaching with Horses