FAQs – Frequentely Asked Questions

You offer mentoring and supervision – what is the difference?

Coach supervision looks beyond the coach and client relationship to examine a broader dynamic – the organisational context and other factors that might impact the work. When I supervise, I’m keeping in mind the coach, the client, the organisation and my impact too.

Supervision may have an element of coach development within it, like the mentoring I offer, however there are other important pillars to a supervision relationship. A managerial type role – supervisors are trained to look for ethical transgressions and gaps in contracting. A supervisor act as a support and champion for their coach clients.

The mentoring I offer is based on helping coaches develop their competencies, or on some programmes, helping coaches build their businesses. The competency work helps coaches progress on the road to mastery and prepare for ICF credential applications.

I have a certificate from my training school, isn’t that enough?

A certificate demonstrates you have completed training hours. A professional credential like the ACC, PCC and MCC from the ICF asks that you then clock up hours of practice and are examined against a stringently tested set of international standards. Increasingly employers now demand a professional accreditation and the evidence shows coaches with one earn more.

I am not clear on what is required for ICF applications, can you help?

There is a wealth of information on the ICF website www.coachfederation.org and the site also has a useful chat function for queries. Requirements are regularly reviewed and do change. If you are still unclear please email me and I will happily talk you through the process.

I don’t want to do a full mentoring programme, do you offer other services?

Certainly, I work one to one with a number of coaches around the world to help them check in on their competencies. This works in a number of ways – coaching me, listening to recordings and providing feedback, observing coaching a client. Contact me and we can create a plan to suit your specific needs.

Do you offer CCEU?

Supervision and mentoring with me can count toward your CCE requirements for credential renewals – to a maximum of 10 hours each per cycle.